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Medicare Plan Finder

Find the best Medicare plans for all
the residents in your facility at once!

Rx Assure

Ensure quality dispensing in your pharmacy!
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Heroic Applications is dedicated to providing exceptional solutions to pain points in vertical industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, law enforcement, "handy men," and more! We're also developers ourselves, and we love building tools and solutions to make our lives easier!


We are building solutions to help large pharmacies cope with modern challenges! Track your overall quality using our solutions, or provide insight into your after-hours call-in system!

Small Businesses

Handy Manager, our mobile invoicing solution, allows you to create and send invoices from any smart phone!


We're developers, too! And we love helping other developers! That's why we've created open-source tools, such as SpecsFor & Pluggable Workers! We have other stuff in the works, too, so check out our Toolbox for more information!