Simply the best library for unit and integration testing on the .NET platform. With integrated mocking, customizable conventions, and a slew of helpers, SpecsFor can take the pain out of testing whether you are an experienced test-driven development practitioner or a neophyte just starting out with test-after development. Free and open-source!


Unit and integration tests will only get you so far. To truly be confident that your application works, you need to test it like your users will. Enter SpecsFor.Mvc, the end-to-end testing library for ASP.NET MVC applications! Free and open-source!

Pluggable Workers

Powershell and other scripting languages are great tools for sovling one-off tasks, but they don't scale well to large, more complex problems. Pluggable Workers gives you the light-weight flexibility of a scripting tool with the powers of C#, Inversion-Of-Control, and whatever other tools you need to use. Free and open-source!


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